LaFarge Quarry
Harleyville, South Carolina

(former Blue Circle Cement)



Fossil hunting at the LaFarge Quarry in Harleyville is no longer permitted. The opportunity to collect this material is still available.

Please note the following procedure:

Fossil collecting is now permitted at the Town Hall in Harleyville, SC.

The address is: 119 South Railroad Ave. Harleyville, SC, 29448

Phone number: 843-462-7676

Collecting is permitted in a lot next to Town Hall. The material is fossil bearing dump material brought in from the LaFarge Quarry. The site is approximately the size of a tennis court.

Once you arrive, you need to go into Town Hall and let them know you are there to collect. Collecting is permitted anytime during daylight hours.

The material from this quarry cuts 80' through the Harleyville Formation (Late Marine Eocene) and the Cross Formation (Middle Marine Eocene). This is the deepest mine in Eastern SC. You will find excellent specimens of fossil shark teeth, bones, brachiopods, etc.

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