Mason Farm Staurolite Prospect
Brasstown, North Carolina
(Near Hayesville, NC)

Managed by:
Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association

Hours of Operation; Sunup till Sundown
No night digging


Site CLOSED until further notice!

NOTE: The road to the collecting area has grown up and is in bad shape at this time. If you are planning a visit, be sure to bring an appropriate vehicle (4WD) or plan to park at the top near the cabin and walk in to collect, about a half mile walk. The road should be worked on at a future date and I will have information here when it is done.

The Mason Farm Staurolite Prospect is a site for rockhounds to collect the mineral staurolite, also known as "fairy crosses". The mineral at this site forms in many sizes and shapes with the "X" cross being very common as well as the bladed crystals. The rarer maltese cross crystals are also found. Matrix schist rocks that have many crystals in them can be found as well.

You need a few basic tools to collect at this site; rake or hand rake, shovel and a sifting screen.

Located in the farthest reaches of Western North Carolina, this site offers collecting opportunities for individual mineral collectors and rock clubs alike. Come spend the day with family, friends and fellow rock hounds and try your luck at finding some of these beautiful crystals. You may also find other gems and minerals (more rarely) all native to this site: corundum, ruby, sapphire and even gold has been found here! To obtain permission to collect and schedule a date for your field trip, simply contact us at:

Each individual entering the property will be required to sign a release form which you can print here: Release Form

$25.00 per day, per person for adults.

$20.00 per day, per person for current paid MAGMA members.

Collecting Limit: 1 (one) 5 gallon bucket of material per person, per day.

Children 12 years of age and under are free.

Primitive camping is permitted for $5.00 per person per night.

After you have contacted us and arranged a date for your trip, you will receive an email with permission to collect at the property on that date. Be sure to keep a copy of this email with you while on the property. No one will be allowed on the property without permission. The caretakers at the site (Pat, Shawn and Stacey) will stop by to check on people collecting and will ask to see your permission form(s).

Print and sign the release form(s) and mail it along with a check or money order for the appropriate amount to:

M.A.G.M.A. Club
P.O. Box 542
Leicester, N.C.

You can make paypal payments to:

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