Field Trip Report:


Diamond Hill Quartz Prospect
April 29th - May 2nd, 2010

Official Field Trip of the
Mountain Area Gem and Mineral Association

photos by Richard Jacquot

Another fun dig at Diamond Hill for the club. The members found a lot of nice material after the recent machine dig and everyone had a great time!

Friday seemed to be the big day. The weather threatened rain and storms for Saturday and Sunday so there weren't as many people as usual, which made it all the better for those who came. It didn't rain all weekend, the weather was perfect!

The first crystal of the weekend.

Nikki and a nice crystal.

Tommy found this huge crystal plate!

Tommy's plate after it was cleaned a little.

Keith and some crystals.

Roger and a killer crystal cluster!

Close up of Roger's cluster.

Jason with a nice matrix piece.

Close up of Jason's piece.

More crystals.

Sandy working the dump piles.

Luther and Chris on Friday.

Chris with some nice finds.

Close up of Chris's piece.

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