1961 Lone Star Boat Restoration

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

The finished trailer.

At the time I painted the trailer rims, I painted them blue as I originally planned to paint the boat blue again. The boat is now a red and white combo, so I am re-painting the trailer wheels red.

For several years the boat set idle as I was involved with many other projects. I started diving for fossils and my interest in the boat was rekindled. Of course much of the work I had done originally had to be redone. I removed the floor again and re-sealed the rivets to be sure they were good. The floor was re-installed and I started working on the more technical parts of the boat. Steering, controls, wiring, basically everything mechanical. This meant fabricating everything from scratch or using parts from other old boats I had. This boat had no motor, controls, or any wiring when I got it.

2006 - 2010

Rear floor. This floor can be removed to work on the bilge pumps and drains.

Rear floor and front transom wood installed.

Cabin door handle is a ships wheel pull knob I salvaged from a scrap boat.

The control box, still in progress. The wheel, compass, depth finder and speedo were all salvaged from my old boat, the African Queen.

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