1961 Lone Star Boat Restoration

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

The boat had the original porcelain toilet in the bathroom which I removed. The thing flushed and dumped into the water! I sealed the drains on the bottom of the boat. There was a vent in the roof of the cabin as well, I removed it and sealed and waterproofed the roof.

Top cabin windshield installed. I salvaged this one from my 18 foot Fabuglas tri hull (The African Queen). I sunk the tri hull in Lake Chatuge a few years before.

The front marker lights for the bow and top of cabin were both originally chrome. The chrome was in bad shape, so I sanded them and painted them so I could use them in the finished project.

Rear floor area.

Front transom wall inside boat.

There was no cabin door when I got the boat, so I made my own. I have spent many, many hours at the local scrap yard in search of aluminum and stainless steel to use on the boat. It has saved me hundreds of dollars!

Front floor area.

Cabin door installed.

Front floor installed.

While I had the boat hanging in the barn, I decided to rehab the trailer. This is the original trailer so I really wanted to use it. Basically a lot of sanding, grinding, priming and painting. Re-packing and replacing wheel bearings and rubber rollers. Rewiring lights, new tires, etc, etc. The winch still works when hooked to a battery.

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