1961 Lone Star Boat Restoration

Restoration by: Rick Jacquot, R.J. Jacquot,
Katie Jacquot, Sandy Jacquot

Photos by: Rick Jacquot

This is an ongoing report to document the restoration of my 23 foot 1961 Lone Star Cabin Cruiser. Factory name is: Lone Star Cruise Liner I. Official name is: "Sadeyn Sirenian" I bought the boat at a local metal work shop in Asheville, NC in 2000. It was sitting out front and I stopped in one day to see if the owner would sell it. He did, and I brought it home with me. $1,200 for boat and trailer. Many of my friends thought I was crazy, but I saw/see potential in the boat!

2000-2001, the boat hung in my barn as I decided what to do first?

R.J. ready to help me with the project.

Starboard cabin.

Starboard side.

Entrance to cabin.

Some views inside cabin.

Sink/galley area.

I decided my first priority was to make sure the boat was sealed well. My son and mother helped me re-buck all the rivets from front to rear. I laid under the boat as it hung from the barn rafters, pounding the rivets with a ball peen hammer while they held the steel blocks on the rivet backs inside the boat. Once that was done, I invested in 10 quarts of "Gluvit" sealer, this is the best stuff to use on aluminum boats to seal old rivets.

About two days after we had finished the rivets, I heard a loud noise in the barn. The strap that was holding the front of the boat had snapped, the boat dropped three feet to the floor, If I had been under it, I would have been squashed!

Cabin floor and storage areas.

The bow had the original foam floatation blocks. I removed them, cleaned and replaced them and sealed around them with spray foam.

The bow with original wood treated and re-installed.

This is the first cabin floor I installed, it was later replaced with a better floor.

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