Richard J. Jacquot Jr.

"Smokey" is a wonderful tale about a cat named Smokey, but this one has a twist, as Smokey was a real cat. Smokey's story is one of love, laughter, death, sadness and tolerance of others who are different than yourself. A great book for children to learn life's lessons and a wonderful reminder for adults. A well written book and a very fast read at 212 pages. Not only is the book well written, proceeds from the sale of this book go to help animals. It is a win win all around."
Carl B., Virginia

"I finished reading the book this morning. It's a great read!! Can't wait till the next one."
Jackie J., North Carolina

"This book hit me hard. I lost my sweet kitty Asia a few weeks ago. It is a great read. It made me laugh and cry, and in the end, I actually felt better about my cat. I hope there is a sequel, the characters are so funny and adorable."
Jeannie B., New Mexico

"I received my copy of Smokey today. I read it in about four hours. Every page shows how much you loved and cared about him and all animals. He must have been a special guy. I’m looking forward to my daughter reading it next weekend. I’m sure she will be moved by it as well."
Rick M., Pennsylvania  

"I wanted to read this book because I knew it was about cats, and I like cats. There was a lot of emotion and friendship in the story line. Parts of it made me cry. It is well written and every chapter made me anxious to read the next one to see what happened. I am an adult, but this story would be suitable for kids in the 5th – 6th grade age range and up. I really liked it!"
Mary J., North Carolina

"It only took me two days to read the book. I couldn't put it down! They should make a children's movie from it. The characters are really fun and they have quite the adventure."
Barbara Q., West Virginia

"I really enjoyed your book ... I look forward to sharing it with my grandson when he is older ... awesome job!"
Terry K., Florida

"I read the book twice to fit it all together. Lots of little things in one chapter that lead into the following chapters. Very clever and well written!"
Michelle D., Florida

"Smokey, an enchanting tale based on the life of a real cat that used to roam the North Carolina mountains. Captivating so much that I did not want to put the book down. Wonderfully written to where I envisioned the characters and surroundings in my mind. It activated my imagination. I would love to see it put to a movie & look eagerly forward to the next adventures. I highly recommend this to anyone that wants their heart & mind stimulated. I slept soundly through the night after reading; that is quite a feat for me!"
Doris K., North Carolina

"I bought this book for my daughter, she loved it! Now her friends are reading it. Great story!"
Bob R., Florida

"I got the book in April and it sat on the coffee table for two months. I came home one day and my husband was sitting there reading it. He never reads. I doubt he has read ten books in his life. He said he loved, so I read it and agree. It is a beautiful story filled with love. It is also sad. A story that will touch your heart. I’m going to get my children to read it now."
Frank and Marissa E., New York

"I had the great pleasure of reading the real-life story of Smokey the cat.  The book is an amazing tale of the adventures and friendships that Smokey made along his life.  The book is an easy read and once you start it is hard to put down.  I give it 2 thumbs up and 5 stars.  Highly recommended.  You will want to recommend it to all your friends."
Randy F., North Carolina

"Tears are streaming down my face at 2:39 am. Lemme tell ya why.

I bought a book today, bc I'm that girl, and the author is a fellow rockhound, and I have started a small collection of autographed I-know-the-author books. And because it's about a cat, and I'm also that crazy cat lady, so... right up my alley. After mining hard for 2 days, I started my book before bedtime, got through 3 chapters, and fell asleep, so bleary-eyed I couldn't see straight. I set an alarm for 6, and fell asleep exhausted to catch some rest before the last day of the Fall Rock Swap and Dig at Graves.

About an hour ago, I guess I must have dreamed the alarm went off. With great difficulty and much soreness, I dragged myself out of bed, ate some Ibuprofen, made coffee, and decided to read a couple more chapters before I get dressed, to give the meds time to kick in before I neaten my campervan mess, and head back to the mine.

121 pages in, I'm bawling my eyes out over a dead coyote, when I finally look at the clock. 2:39 am. Not 6:30. Not almost daylight. Not time to go mining. No...! It's the middle of the night, and I am supposed to be sleeping.

Coyotes... my Grandpa used to trap 'em back in the 80's. Now.... here I sit, full circle, mid-mining trip in the dead of night crying over a dead one I never met.

Richard J. Jacquot, Jr.... you authored one heck of a tale!! Your Papa and Smokey sounds like my Midnight, and his son Fluff McDuff, from my childhood. Grandpa always told me he saw Midnight fighting a coyote once, and he sure came home banged up and injured after that one! I am loving this book, and intent on buying your others.

For now... I'm gonna read a spell, now that I have dried my tears and had a good laugh. When I am dragging tail at the mine in a few hours, y'all know why.

Reader friends and critter lovers, this is a seriously good read!! Order a copy for yourself or a friend."
Marcie R. South Carolina