Wallace T. Smith Collection

Sometime around 1950, Wallace T. Smith collected these specimens while working for the Sandia Research Laboratory. The specimens pictured here are part of my personal collection. These are all featured in the display that we use at shows and club events and will eventually be part of the museum permanent display. None of these specimens are for sale.

Most of the trinitite in the Wallace T. Smith collection is light to dark green, some with a brownish hue. The specimen pictured above left was the only piece I obtained with red in it. Above right has a bit of black at the top of the specimen. I found several more nice black pieces.

Red piece: 2.3 gms. Black piece: 1.2 gms.

The above piece of trinitite is rare. It has an unexplained blue color in the center of the piece. One theory I have heard from a very reliable source on trinitite, is that this, and other such colorful inclusions are examples of more complete melting that may have taken place when a small mineral grain or bit of “trash” at the site reduced the melting point of the mixture and caused a better grade of glass to form.

Blue piece: 3.2 gms.