In 1951, Dr. Ralph Emerson Pray made several trips to the Trinity site in New Mexico while in the military. He was able to collect a substantial amount of trinitite. He used his pickup truck to load as much as 600 pounds of the mineral at a time. It is estimated that he collected over 2,000 pounds of trinitite after his visits to the site. The above pictures show him at the gate standing next to his truck at Trinity. The center photo shows him shoveling trinitite into the back of his pickup after sifting it through a screen attached to the side of the truck. The picture on the right shows him standing at ground zero at Trinity. A full detailed description of his visits and collecting can be read in his own words in the book; Trinitite, The Atomic Age Mineral, by W.M. Kolb. I was able to recently obtain a quantity of the pieces to add to my collection and offer to you here.