Wholesale Flats

24 piece flat containing specimens from the R.H. Draeger collection. The Draeger material exhibits the darkest and glassiest green color of any collection I have dealt with. These flats are great for teachers, scientists for study, or the collector that just wants a variety of nice material. Very nice specimens with a wide range of colors. Approximately 50+ grams of trinitite. These pieces retail for $35 - $50+ each.

$300 + $25.00 shipping and insurance.

Included with each flat are test results of the trinitite, 24 identification cards to display/sale with the specimens and a history of how Dr. Draeger collected the specimens in 1945.


All flats are shipped usps priority mail. All flats come with a printout of the test results confirming the authenticity of the trinitite, an identification card for each specimen and a detailed history of the original collector. Be sure to keep this information with your specimen(s) to preserve the history of this rare material.