Red and Black Trinitite For Sale

The trinitite specimens sold here are from the Lincoln LaPaz collection.

NOTE: All the red trinitite offered here from the LaPaz collection is the same source trinitite used when the discovery of the quasicrystals was made in May of 2021.

Quasicrystals in Trinitite!

Quasicrystal YouTube Video

Some of the specimens are red, and some are red with black mixed in. The Lincoln LaPaz collection has the best red color I have seen. The LaPaz red trinitite was the source for the testing done and the discovery of the quasicrystals in May of 2021, so it is much desired by serious collectors.

Pricing is determined by the amount of red coloring on/through a specimen, overall quality and size.

All specimens are photographed on a 1cm. grid sheet. Specimens are weighed on three separate gram scales for accuracy. Your scale may vary slightly.

You will receive a copy of the test results for the trinitite, a history of the collector and two ID cards for display.

Contact me for pricing of red and black specimens.


More Red coming soon!

0.73 gram blood red trinitite from the Lincoln LaPaz collection. This is a small, but superb colored piece! This piece has multiple feldspar inclusions on the top and bottom. It also has a black crust on the bottom found on pieces collected closer to ground zero. The core is a nice red and the red color runs through the specimen. It is also blue and yellow fluorescent under short wave UV light. I am using a UV Systems Superbright 2000 for the photos.

Item: RED 162-013 SOLD