Do you have trinitite for sale?

We are working on building the worlds largest and most diverse collection of trinitite to preserve the history of this rare mineral. Our museum inventory currently hosts specimens from the Lincoln LaPaz, Wallace T. Smith, R.H. Draeger, Nathan Voss, Ken Kyte, Ralph Pray and Sean Price collections. Our prize pieces come from the Lincoln LaPaz collection which currently has over 150 red and black specimens and over 85 green specimens. Specimens that are not used in our museum display are sold here to help us fund future trinitite purchases.

If you have trinitite for sale, contact me for an evaluation. I will purchase your collection at a fair price. The best pieces will be added to our museum with credit being given to the original collector. Including a history about that person. I can also help you sell your collection if it is something that I cannot use.

Feel free to call or email me anytime with any questions;

Richard Jacquot