R.J.'s Model 795 Marlin Rifle

This is R.J.'s Marlin Model 795 22 rifle. He bought this rifle around 2010 to target shoot with and squirrel hunt. For years, squirrels in the neighborhood went in fear of this gun!

Marlin Model 795 22 caliber long rifle

R.J. used camouflage tape on the magazine and other parts of the gun.

After R.J. died, I had his gun and wanted to trick it out in a way I thought he would like. I searched the Internet and there are not a lot of options for the Marlin 795. After reading several talk boards on firearms, I came across a "bull pup" type stock made by Muzzelite that was designed for a Marlin Model 70. After reading a bit more, it was suggested that the stock could be modified to fit the model 795. I ordered the stock to see what I could do with it.

Within a couple of weeks, I received the stock and began following the directions to install the Marlin into the stock.

This is the Marlin once installed. I had to make two modifications to get it to fit and work properly. One was to trim the inside barrel rests to fit the larger barrel to ensure the two sides would fit together tightly.

The second modification was to cut out a section on the right side of the stock to enable easy access to the bolt and magazine release levers.

I did not like the way the sides fit together and wanted to dress the stock up a little to make it more precision looking.

I used aluminum plating to make several plates and strips to mount at various locations on the stock.

Once the aluminum pieces were cut and polished, I installed them and also attached a 25 round magazine to replace the stock 10 round mag.

The final touch, I put a brass plate in a space on the stock that was apparently for use with a different model gun. I had it engraved for R.J.

A very cool looking Marlin 795. Its still a 22 rifle, but add a little molding and aluminum and it doesn't seem to scare the squirrels much more, but I think R.J. likes it, and that's all that matters to me...