Katie Mae Jacquot (Cole)

Moms Family

Left to right; Joyce (Sister), Blanche (Sister),
Aline (Sister), Brenda (Niece), Katie (Mom)

Left to right; Richard (Brother), Eugene (Brother),
Brodus (Uncle), Bruce (Brother), Marie (Sister in law)

Grandma Cole

Left to right; Joyce (Sister), Floyd (Brother), Ann (Floyd's wife),
Richard (Brother), Diane (Richards wife), Katie, Aline (Sister)

Granny and Grandpa Cole

Grandpa and Granny Cole

Pepi, Grandpas dog

Granny and Grandpa Cole

Granny Cole and her grand kids and great grand kids

Left to right; Richard (Brother), Aline (Sister), Joyce (Sister), Lucy (Mother),
Bruce (Brother), Harold (Father), Donald (Brother), Katie

Bruce, Don, Richard, Grandpa, Eugene and Floyd



Blanche, Aline, Joyce, Katie

Aline, Bruce, Joyce

The Cole Family

The holly tree in the front yard, all the kids, grand kids
and great grand kids played in this tree.

The Cole family home place

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