2015 - 2017

It's been four years since my adventure on the Arctic Discoverer. I'm still sorting out the parts and pieces of this historic ship. Still updating my website every chance I get as I uncover more treasures to show, sell and add to the museum.

I decided to surf the net to see if I could find any recent pictures of the ship. I knew it had not been scrapped as the first scrap company lost the ship and it was auctioned off again in 2014. That auction also fell through and the last news I had was they were planning to make an artificial reef out of her. In my opinion, this would be a better fate than being cut up for scrap metal, but, it has not happened yet.

I did locate a couple of fairly recent videos of the ship and talked with one person who visited the ship that said it is slowly sinking. All the lower decks are now underwater, flooded with no access. I am glad I made it there when I did, many of the artifacts I collected came from those lower decks and the engine room. Here is a link to some videos:

I found several sites with fairly recent pics, but the best ones were by Allen Forrest of: Photography by Allen Forrest. He has given me permission to use some of his photos here. Allen's photos were taken August 2nd, 2016 and May, 2017.

As you can see in these pictures, the ship is indeed sinking down a bit and listing hard to port, and I imagine it would be a little tricky keeping steady footing on board now.

The paint has rapidly deteriorated over the past few years and now resembles the skin/scutes of an alligator.

From the pictures, it appears that most of the parts that were remaining when I left are still there.