My last trip to visit the ship was the first week in September, 2013. It was a nice week, sunny and hot, just like the previous trips had been. I had made up my mind to climb the forward mast to retrieve a mast light. The mast was rusted pretty bad, and I did not relish the idea of placing my 250 pounds on the small ladder rungs to climb up there. I decided to go for the first light I came to which was about half way up the mast. I got up there and realized I had left my wire cutters sitting in the back of my van. Back down to retrieve tools and back up again, I finally got the old weathered beat up light. It had a couple of chips in the glass and some rust spots, but what the heck, it was cool anyway. Left: The mast light I retrieved. Right: The one that got away.

My main goal this trip was to get a number of portholes for the museum and to resale to try and make some of my investment back. I figured a lot of my treasure hunting friends would like a chance to have one of these artifacts.

I brought a ladder to get the ones from the second level.

Left: Kitchen portholes. Right: The bridge on the last day I was there, a lot different looking than during its glory days at sea.

Captain Burlingham on the bridge, during the height of the Arctic Discoverers career as a treasure hunter. Photo Credit: Americas Lost Treasure; Thompson, 1998

I finally got down to the engine room to get some pics.

Left: That's me on top of the ship, paying a last visit.
A storm is coming, time to go...