We recovered numerous items from the lower levels of the ship when it was still afloat. The lab was located in the lower decks and I found numerous gold pans. I kept this one for the museum. The photo on the left is a shot of one of the crew panning for gold dust and nuggets after the material was brought up from the depths by NEMO. Left photo credit to: America's Lost Treasure, Tommy Thompson

I recovered several plates from the kitchen during my trips. These are made in the USA and a few were made in England. Many have been sold on my web site and there are still a few available if interested. Visit the Store to see what is in stock.

Solid brass light switches and wall sockets recovered from the lower cabins which are now underwater. These will be listed soon in the Store.

Antique mouse and robot control used on the ship. The mouse can been seen in several photos and in the History Channel Movie about the expedition.

I removed numerous cabin lights and bells from the ship. Some of the 'Mars' looking cabin lights are being used in a museum display that is currently being built. Others will be for sale in the Store.

Control boxes/switches from the bridge. These will be used in the museum.

More bells and switches, left. The big insulator on the right was mounted on the roof of the ship above the communications room. It is part of a display that is currently in progress.

Stay tuned. More to come!